We are a full-service life and health insurance and employee benefits consulting firm, specializing in many coverage lines.


We personalize each of our accounts and customize all of our packages. That is the service behind our success. At Doroshow Insurance, you are never a number. Rather, you will find fully accessible and responsive consultants available to meet your unique insurance needs and requirements.

Our comprehensive consulting services include: plan reviews, data collection, problem solving, claim resolution, provider relations, plan implementation and reinforcement seminars, enrollment sessions, establish safety and loss control programs, updates on coverage changes and new products, explanation of benefits review, bill questions and assistance, interpretation of plan documents, government compliance services, referral questions and problems, arrangement of provider appointments …etc.

Customer Service Department

We alleviate the stress of our clients by identifying, evaluating and resolving the daily issues of an employee benefits program. We invite your employees to contact us directly for assistance. Our goal is to do the work for your employees, we recognize that a worried, frustrated employee is unproductive, we take the problem off their hands and resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately we follow up and keep in contact with your employees. We trust your employees will take comfort in knowing our receptive, competent, and friendly benefit specialists, whom comprise our customer service department, are actively solving their problems.


Let’s face it; relationships work in the insurance business. And we feel the best way to ensure a long-term relationship is to become a true business partner with our client. Confusion arises from: complex benefits plans, increased decision making by employees, and changing compliance landscape. We offer solutions. Doroshow Insurance envisions becoming a true business partner with your company in formulating your policy and aiding in administration and explanation of benefits. Doroshow Insurance maintains constant communication with your employees, allowing us to keep a “heads up” on all service issues from the largest claim to the smallest question.


Our business acumen and fierce specialization in employee benefits gives Doroshow Insurance an advantage when it comes to negotiating the fairest prices with insurance providers throughout the country. We provide a line-item, apple-to-apple cost comparison. We are confident knowing that our clients depend on our expertise to protect their resources. We build value into everything we bring to the table.


When it comes to insurance we know what we’re talking about and we want our clients to understand, too. We provide an educational overview of health insurance terminology to show the advantages and disadvantages of different plan options. As your consultant, we “facilitate” the interview process between employer, employee, and the insurance company representative. We proactively communicate the new plan’s advantages to enhance employee knowledge and appreciation of the plan offered by the employer, thus increasing company morale.


We are competent at carefully analyzing current requirements and providing individual recommendations based on our research. Additionally, we analyze your company’s employee programs as a coordinated whole. This analysis includes measuring to what extent the plan meets employee needs, manages loss exposure, and is performing within your compensation goals and cost parameters.


Our qualified, experienced staff utilizes the latest technology to manage a myriad of aspects of plan administration and servicing. Our computer equipment, software and network facilities are extremely advanced and yield great benefits for our clients. We have purposefully designed these services to help improve the operation of your benefits program. Although we utilize state-of-the-art technology, we always rely on personal communication – we listen to our clients.

Government Compliance Services

We make quality our highest priority and recognize that government compliance for employee benefits plans requires complete accuracy. Doroshow Insurance assures you of accurate government filings, minimal fiduciary risk and experienced representation in the event of IRS, DOL, or PBGC correspondence or audit.


We will survey your employees and evaluate how they perceive the benefits you offer them. We evaluate the services and information you are getting from your external providers (actual vs. desired). We will compare all your benefits costs (medical, paid time off, life, disability, pension, etc.) to industry and U.S. Department of Labor averages. We will relate plan management to employee perceptions and rate of return on your investments.